Welcome to Dreamwater Lodge.

Dreamwater Lodge is a modest kennel situated on fifty acres of rolling hills, streams and forest land in the small country of New Zealand. It is owned by Jasmine, who is currently active in the conformation ring.

Here at Dreamwater Lodge we believe that temperament, soundness, good looks and working ability go hand in hand. There is no reason that a pretty dog can't work, or a working dog can't look good.

In our selective breeding programme, we use dogs only of show quality, thus producing dogs that show, hunt and are genetically sound.


News flash

 26/12/2010 - A new design for the new year. Enjoy.


26/08/2010 - Another new layout, I can't stop the designing! Though one day I'll actually finish an entire site, please be aware that layout may not be universal throughout the website yet.


17/06/2009 - New layout for a new look. Please bear with us as some of the links will revert to the old layout/s. I'm working on this and it will be updated ASAP.


17/03/2009 - Dreamwater has now gotten into horses. From now on, keep an eye out for the Morgans, Miniatures and Arabians.




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Please, if you have any queries, feel free to contact us via e-mail.

Random Quotes

He is vaguely noble. He is a firey king. His eyes are like a thousand years. His love the greatest gift. - Bonnie Lewis


This website is part of a simulation game and is strictly fictional. Dreamwater is not a real life kennel, it is part of the sim game, Best of Breed.